Excellent tools are the backbone of a makeup artist's kit. Prep like a pro with these perfect beauty powerhouses.


GIFT TIP: Find a childs tool box (or if you’re so inclined, this makes for a perfect DIY project), fill it with these must have beauty tools.

You know that age-old saying: You get what you pay for?  Well, that rings true for these Rubis Tweezers. Cheap tweezers may be cheap, but they just don't get the job done as well as a pair of investment tweezers. These are calibrated perfectly to get the job done, clean and fast. The ideal gift  for anyone who takes their brow game seriously.

Good tweezers and great brow scissors are a must for keeping brows maintained. The Brow Gal scissors are super sharp and a great size, but the compact and smart design are the icing on the cake. (Psssst......A perfect gift pairing with the Rubis Tweezers.)

This mini lash curler hasn't met a lash it can't curl. For lashes that can be stubborn and pin-straight, the Prima lash curler will be your holy grail, so show those lashes who’s boss once and for all. Imported from Japan, the mecca for beauty, your giftee will be one happy friend.

This little beauty will keep your pencils sharp sans the messy aftermath. Beautifully designed by an architect, the Slice Pencil Sharpener keeps all of the pesky shaving contained. And, with two sharpening holes and removable adapter ring, it can accommodate three sizes of pencils!