For the spiritual gangster in your life.


There is something innately magical about the Kejiwa "Venus Love" Alche-Mist Aromatherapy Spray. The main ingredient, Rose Damascena, is scientifically verified as the highest frequency of natural substances on the planet and that it instantly lifts your spirits. Additional benefits include Rose Quartz Gemstone essence and its ability to open and expand your heart to receive more love. This also works as a fab makeup setting spray!

Hand-made in small batches in Indonesia, the ZenBunni Holy Smoke Incense is truly special. The ingredients are sourced from 9 different farmers, each farmer growing and cultivating a separate crop. Then they all come together to hand roll them, letting days pass between each layer so that they can build them up into short, fat incense sticks (they were designed this way so that you can extinguish them without the stick breaking and they also burn longer.) There is a headiness to the scent that is so deeply pleasing, so visceral that it stays with you long after it's burned out.  

Tiny and adorable, the Tsubota Pearl Perfume Roller allows you to carry around your favorite fragrances without lugging around a bunch of glass bottles. You simply spray your perfume into a cute little funnel that comes with it. If you're like us, you can get a few and use the different colors to color code your difference fragrances. The ideal present for friends on the go and friends who are fragrance fanatics.