The Hive Mind.

Bees are rad. They make delicious honey, they keep our fruits and veggies pollenated so we can eat juicy peaches and savory artichokes and they're pretty darn cute (you might feel differently if you have a severe bee allergy, but still, c'mon, they're pretty adorable). They also contribute their apis - that's the scientific name for bees - goods to the beauty world. 

I recently discovered Taos Bee Flower, a brand out of Taos, New Mexico. I bought one of Moira's HoneyBee Balms at a shop and instantly fell in love. The balm reminds me of one of those old school giant Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers but instead of being loaded with chemicals and artificial flavoring, it's loaded with beeswax and Royal Jelly. It's wildly satisfying to apply because it can cover your whole mouth in one swipe. And unlike some other honey balms, it doesn't make my lips feel funny (does that happen to you? Or just me?).

Anyhoo, when I reached out to Moira about carrying her balm she sent me a little sample of her propolis toner and when I say this stuff is the sh*t, I mean this stuff is the sh*t. Propolis, as far as I'm concerned, is a total beauty miracle worker. After using the toner for a week my skin was noticeable clearer. I still get the occasional spot, but this stuff just calms it right down. Plus it smells so yummy and bee-y. I guess it's the anti-microbial properties in the propolis that makes it work so well, but whatever that bee magic is, I'm on totally on board.

I called Moira to tell her how much I love her products and she's really funny. She's crazy passionate about bees and I know she'll have more amazing products coming out it the future, and I for one can't wait. I hope I get to meet her, and her bees, in person one of these days and when I do I'll be sure to take some notes so I can write about it here.