Roses are having a moment. And I, for one, am thrilled.

For a long time roses got a bad rap. "Old fashioned". "Grandma". "Old lady". These insults were bandied about freely whenever anyone talked about rose scents. Then something happened. About 7 or 8 years ago Fresh came out with their fragrance Cannabis Rose, and all of a sudden rose became interesting to me. The perfume was rose based, but paired with bergamot and patchouli and oolong tea so it was floral but also kind of dirty. I was hooked. Since then I've been on this rose train that I can't seem to disembark. And it seems others are too. Rose feels fresh and modern right now, and there are so many incredible products out there using this as a key ingredient. Personally I just can't get enough so here's a sampling of the products I have on heavy rotation in my life.

First of all, who doesn't want this gorgeousness in their soap dish? It's chic AF and it smells so incredibly delicious. Plus have you ever seen a more perfect hostess or house warming gift? 

This is one of those products I would beg, borrow or steal for. And begging usually is how I get my hands on them because they're only sold in Japan. Because Reed Clarke isn't a pharmacy and I don't have a medical license (details, schmetails) the distributor won't sell them to me. Sooooo, resourceful beauty hunter that I am, I beg hair and makeup friends that are going to Tokyo on press tours to buy them for me. And because my friends are wonderful people, who also happen to be obsessive about beauty, they oblige, so big shout out to them. Ok, but back to the eye drops. First of all, look at this packaging. Have you ever? Coco Chanel would reanimate herself if she could to get her hands on this bottle. It's just so beyond gorgeous. And then, on top of it, it has a soft rose scent. And on top of that, it gives a refreshing coolness to the eyes which instantly makes you feel awake, alert and ready to take on the world. For reals. If you've ever tried Rhoto eye drops you know what I'm talking about, it feels amazing. (PS: before they started selling Rhoto in the US, their eye drops were a coveted beauty product to bring back from Japan). So now you know about the best, most elegant, most beautiful, most effective eye drops on the market. You should add them to your beauty bag asap. 

This lip scrub is so crazy delish that I keep finding myself making excuses to use it. Not only does it work like a charm leaving your lips kissably soft, but it's just straight up tasty. The large sugar crystals mixed with shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter work their magic, getting your lips silky smooth and perfectly prepped for lipstick (or making out) and the oils leave your lips super supple. The added hint of spearmint and peppermint mingle perfectly with the rose scent creating a truly sensory experience. Plus, all of the ingredients are organic, so if you happen to lick all of the sugar off your lips (guilty) instead of wiping it off, no big deal.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Next on the list of faves of mine, and if you follow my IG feed you'll see lots of empties of it, is the HollyBeth Organics Rose Geranium Moisturizer. Oh man, I cannot get enough of this stuff. It works on dry skin, combination sin, and yes, even oily skin. I fall into that last category, and I slather this stuff on my face like butter on toast, and it never makes me break out. I will not get on a plane without a small jar of it; I survive all of those hours on planes by using it on the backs of my hands, my lips, my neck and décolletage, and especially around my eye area. It's my favorite night time and working-from-home-today moisturizer, and it's perfect for sealing in serums. I'm totally mental for it.


First I fell in love with this because of the scent, then I read the ingredient list, and fell deeper in love. Have a look, it's pretty epic....Their formulas are packed with neo-hippie goodness like emerald gemstone essence and mono-atomic gold ormus, which are meant to raise your vibration levels, which can't hurt and could help I always say. But honestly I just love the way this stuff smells. I like to use it before I start makeup on a client to relax them with it's incredible Rose Demascus scent and then after the makeup is done as a spritz on the face to bring life to the makeup; sometimes after you use powder, it's nice to spray the face so the products kind of melts into the skin, making it look less powdery and more flawless.

Last but certainly not least, my favorite body oil ever. But it doesn't feel like an oil, it's silkier than that and that's why they call it a serum. They recently stopped making it, so I bought every single bottle they have (can you say "hoarder"?). A client wrote me a note after buying this, and here's what she said.  Quote: "Holy crap that One Love Body Oil makes me want to F#@*myself. It's delicious." She pretty much nailed it. On second thought, don't buy any because I want to keep it all for myself. #gettinghighonyourownsupply