The sloth is my spirit animal.

 54946756 - cute face of tropical three-toed sloth on pink background.

In my heart of hearts, I am lazy lazy lazy.  I would love nothing more than to lay about in bed reading magazines, watching movies, drinking tea and doing a bunch of nothing. Now, I’m pretty sure that if you ask anyone who has ever met me they would scratch their heads and say, ummmmm, I don’t think so. In fact, if I go back through my life over the last 25 year years, I can barely think of a day that was spent doing that. I’m kind of antsy. I need to always be doing something, which is maybe why I have three jobs (full time makeup artist, owner of this here website/e-comm biz Reed Clarke and also developer of Fiona Stiles Beauty). But in my soul, in my fiber I am L- A - Z - Y. For example, I am not the type of person who loves exercising. I don’t jump out of bed and race out the door to go for a run. I don’t stretch in the middle of the day because I need to “move my body”. I’d rather be supine. But, and this is where this post takes a turn toward beauty, getting your blood moving is really good for you. Like on a deep cellular level kind of good for you. Like, makes your skin look more radiant in a way that you can’t get from skin care kind of good for you.

So what’s a lazy girl to do? Cheat. And here’s my cheat (and even my cheat has a cheat).... It’s proven that lymphatic stimulation is wonderful for your blood and skin and circulation. But personally I cannot deal with dry brushing. I am not going to stand naked in my shower without delicious, steamy, hot H2O streaming down on me while I dry brush my skin. Not. Gonna. Happen. However, I do love a good scrub and that’s a great way to get that blood moving. Instead of a using loofah, which is essential a mold factory (google it) or one of those long scrubby Japanese towels (also a mold factory), my go-to is this beauty from Spa Cells. It’s as pretty as it is utilitarian. 

Here’s why it’s so bad-ass…. it’s made of silicone which is naturally mold resistant, so it can handle all of those steamy showers without harboring bacteria. The black stripes are stiffer, and the white stripes are a bit softer making the combo for a good scrub just right. Now if you're the sort who enjoys dry brushing, you can 100% use this guy that way. But if you enjoy a frothy lather and yummy warm water, get a little soap on this bad boy and watch it suds up. Focus on the lymph areas; under your arms, along the sides of your neck and your groin (that word always makes me smirk for some reason….grrrooooiiiiin) to really get the blood flowing and to flush out those impurities. It’s a great lazy girl cheat and a stellar way to start the day…like a cup of espresso for the circulatory system. Have a go and let me know what you think, cause I think you're gonna freak out and love it on it hard.