Take a deep dive into Fiona's kit; her favorite products of 2017.

I'm sure everyone is sick to death of hearing about 2017 at this point. "Let's wipe the slate clean, let's move forward!" Yes, yes and yes, but before marching headlong into the new year, I wanted to take a few moments and reflect on some of my kit favorites form 2017. It may have been a crap year for politics, but it was a pretty great year for makeup!


Ok, so let's start with the Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer. I was seriously making up any excuse to use this product as much as possible this year. Not only is it stunning under foundation, it gives bare skin a glow that feels like moonlight on water though a gossamer film, just so gorgeously, softly reflective. Obviously I used it on the face, but every chance I got I swiped it on the arms, legs, clavicles and décolletage. I even brushed it through browns to give them a glossy finish. And the scent is beyond delicious. Really, I can't say enough good things about this product, which is why it was a kit hero for me this year.


Peripera is a K-Beauty brand. In case you've been living in a cave for the past few years, K-Beauty is the short hand term for the Korean beauty brands that have flooded the US lately, everywhere from Sephora to Ulta to the drugstore shelves. I love their innovation, their whimsy, their cute packaging and of course their formulas. They really know how to just be playful when it comes to products. "Nose Up" are click pens with a cushion applicator that are used for contouring and highlighting the nose (obviously you can use them for cheekbones, or the jaw line as well). The color is so perfect; a light, soft taupe that will actually look like gentle shading....no streaky, harsh, dirty brown streaks here, no way no how. It comes in two shades, one for very light skin and one for medium skin tones. And if you use the highlighter (one is a champagne shade and the other has more of a white based pink-y tone to it) you can get a really pretty soft effect that will subtly alter the shape of your nose. Or you can just use it as a highlighter however you like. This find was a total score.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 6.15.57 AM.png

And on the opposite side of subtle is the new NARS PowerMatte liquid lipstick. The shades are amazing and the formula is uber-longwearing and totally comfortable. Not shriveled up prune lips here. When I do a dark lip for the red carpet, there is no way I'm going to use some glossy, creamy formula. I need that lip to be perfect when they walk the carpet, dole out air kisses, go to the party and the after party. They don't have time to worry about their lip line, that's my job, so I want to send them on their way with a lip that will last for hours. Enter PowerMatte. So if you love a bright lip, a dark lip, a statement lip, run do not walk to the closest Sephora and get yourself some of these bad boys. You can thank me later.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 6.21.32 AM.png

When I do a strong beauty editorial look, one of my favorite things to do is to powder the lips with loose pigments (usually one of the ones from MAC or sometimes a bright blush or eyeshadow color in a pinch) to make the lips look like velvet. Well, ICYMI, at the end of 2017 this incredible product was launched. The Le Baton Rouge from SURRATT Beauty is one of the most sublime products I've ever used. It's a matte lip liner/crayon on one end and a sponge tip applicator on the other, with pigment in the cap. First you line your lips with the liner and then add the powder on top of it for the most sensual, powdery matte lip. It's such a chic, modern way to achieve a matte lip and I am madly in love with this product.


I love a bath. And as a parent it's one of my greatest pleasures because basically I'm useless and no one can ask me for anything, so I get to be all alone and read my magazines. Anyhoo, I digress. What makes my bath time so special are these Bath Bomb cubes from Yuzu Soap. The ingredient deck is impressively short but with impressively excellent ingredients. Their intoxicating smell fills the house and I don't want to get out until I look like an octogenarian. Lauren, the creator/owner uses the most amazing essential oils to create the scents, all of which smell incredible (Lemon Tea Tree and Bergamot Lime being my two all time faves). In fact, I reached out to her because I was so in love with her products and we ended up creating the Bergamot Lime version and brought it to Reed Clarke as an exclusive product. Now excuse me while I go jump in the tub......

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 6.14.06 AM.png

If I wasn't clear earlier about how long a premier night or award show night can be for a client, let me just say that it can sometimes be a 8-10 hour night, depending on the event. Like for the Oscars, we start makeup around 2pm and if they go to the Vanity Fair party, and then the after party after that, then we're looking at maybe 12 hours in their makeup. That's a long time for things to stay in place. The Heir Atelier Eye Primer is new favorite discovery. I've used eye primers before but sometimes they can dull the eyeshadow color or worse, make the shadow stick and go patchy when you apply it. This one doesn't interfere with the shadow color and it doesn't mess with the application. What it does do is lock the shadow in place perfectly, so I know my clients can dance, sweat, laugh and frolic into the wee hours without their eyeshadow creasing. And if they still look good when they leave that last party, then I've done my job. This product is my beauty wingman.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 6.19.19 AM.png

When it comes to makeup I'm not a snob. I love a $4 lipstick as much as I love a $60 one, sometimes even more. For me, it's about texture and payoff, and just because you're expensive doesn't mean you're better than a mass product. I found the E.L.F. Aqua Blush and Bronzer Does this past year, and I am constantly reaching for them. They come in three shades (I chose the most vibrant one to feature, but the other two shades are more subdued) and I use them all equally. The one shown above can be built up into an vibrant cool pink, os burnished out into a soft, beautiful flush. I'm completely obsessed.....


Alright, now get out there and tackle 2018 like you mean it!


Feeling foggy? How to reset after the holiday hoopla.


December may have been the season for some serious indulging (well-deserved, we say!), which means that January ushers in the season of "The Resolution," or as we like to meaningfully call it, "A Simple Reset".  Check out our top picks that will keep you happy, vibrant, and in-line with your 2018 goals. 

Zen Bunni photographed for Reed Clarke by Andrew Stiles


ZenBunni Holy Smoke Incense:
ZenBunni Incense continues a 5000 year old tradition of burning incense with their Holy Smoke. Hand made in small batches in Indonesia, this incense is truly unlike any other.  Comprised of the ancient synergy of plants that meld over fire, Holy Smoke is designed to evoke, enchant and clear energy. And the BEST part? The scent is wildly intoxicating!

14_170626_REEDCLARKE_SET3370 1.jpg


Yuzu Bath Bomb Cubes:
Settle in for a good soak with the Yuzu Bath Bomb Cubes!  Small but mighty, these cubes comes in four heavenly scents: Lavender Sage, Eucalyptus Mint, Lemon Tea Tree, and Bergamot Lime. The bath bomb cubes are 100% natural and handcrafted in small batches. Each cube is rich in moisturizing coconut oil, aromatic essential oils and natural clay. No need to wait until you feel stressed, the present is always a good time to treat your mind and your body to a relaxing, recharging bath experience.




HiQ CoQ10 Facial Serum:
Not familiar with CoQ10 yet?  Well, buckle up, because this ingredient will soon become your new best friend!  Also known as coenzyme Q10, it's a vitamin and nutrient that naturally occurs within the body, acts as an incredibly powerful antioxidant and the very best part: studies have shown than CoQ10 helps to improve the appearance of the signs of aging. This serum packs a mighty strong punch; loaded with antioxidants such as a-lipoic acid, tocopherol (Vitamin E), and USDA certified organic green tea extract, HiQ Facial Serum delivers ingredients that help to protect your skin from the damaging effects of free radicals. After using this serum, your skin will never love you more!



Stimulite Bath Mitt:
There is never a better time to exfoliate your body than when your skin is parched by the cruel winter weather.  The Stimulite Bath Mitt can be used on dry skin for lymphatic drainage (with upward strokes toward the heart) or use it in the shower with a dollop of soap for the perfect foam.  Plus major bonus points for the mitt's natural anti-fungal, antibacterial and long-lasting properties.




Orgaid Organic Anti-Aging & Moisturizing Sheet Mask:
If your skin is feeling the harsh effects of winter, this multi-action mask will become your skins closest companion, literally.  What is so special about this mask?  It's packed with certified organic ingredients like Vitamin B3 (combats aging), Aloe Vera (hydrates and calms), Witch Hazel (reduces inflammation and fights breakouts), and last but not least, Hyaloronic Acid (collagen booster, hydrates, and plumps the skin).  Our pro tip: use the remainder of the solution left on the skin and gently massage into the skin to continue reaping the benefits of the ingredients thought the day.


Stuffing stuffers with flare.  No need to scramble for last minute gifts for stockings or for white-elephant type party gifts!




Made with essential oils, you will love the scent of the Aromaflage "Wild" Natural Insect Repellent while mosquitos most definitely will not. (Plus it's one of Oprah's favorite things and we all know that O knows her stuff).  The scent has notes of cardamom, cedarwood and spruce which make for a delightful combination; it's a yummy woodsy, earthy scent with just a hint of citrus and smells absolutely nothing like a bug spray.


The Grown Alchemist Persian Rose & Argan Extract Intensive Hand Cream is a rich and deeply moisturizing hand cream with Tamanu Oil and Argan extract for extra hydration. Quick absorbing and beautifully scented, this rose and Argan cream tackles seriously rough hands, dry cuticles and dehydrated skin perfectly.

French Girl Organics Rose Lip Polish is an organic sugar scrub for getting those lips soft, plump and primed. With the aroma of rose with just the slightest hint of spearmint; it's like walking through a beautiful botanical garden The ingredients are 99% organic and the taste is sooooo yummy, which is just a bonus because you'll be blown away at how silky soft your lips will be from the shea, coconut and cacao butters.

The beautiful smelling Golda Sphere Soap is made with an incredibly special ingredient; Hinokitiol, found in Aomori oil from Aomori, Japan, which is anti-microbial, germicidal, and deodorizing, all while looking amazing in your soap dish. Hand made in Topanga Canyon.

 The dreamy Stimulite Exfoliating Facial Sponge scrubbing mitt has two different densities for keeping clogged pores at bay. While we all know that exfoliating is amazing for our skin, this sponge goes the extra mile (or two, or three): it promotes cell turnover, stimulates blood flow and lymph flow to aid in decreasing puffiness and eliminating toxins.  Made of a honeycombed thermoplastic urethane, one side is softer for a more gentle cleansing, while the other side is a bit stiffer for a solid exfoliating. It's quick drying and by the nature of the material, it's antibacterial and antifungal. Small and easy for traveling, this is the ideal gift for the traveling friend in your life.



As women, we are prone to throwing just about anything into our handbags.  Why not pick out a perfect handbag add-on for that friend who appreciates all things luxe AND useful.




Hands-down the best mirror you'll ever use, the Arpin Hand Bag Mirror has serious clarity and magnifying power. Super chic and elegant with one side that’s regular magnification, and the other with 7x magnification, so you can really get your lip line straight and your mascara perfect.  It is the clearest, sharpest mirror you’ll ever use. The perfect gift for for a friend, boss, client, or you know...for yourself.  



Hair elastics be gone! Conventional hairpins are quite flimsy and bend when used, where bigger hair pins are usually made of plastic and look cheap. The Reed Clarke Gold 4" Hair Pin is a U-pin that can hold the longest, thickest, heaviest hair and is virtually indestructible. From a messy bun to a sleek chignon, this chic hair pin is a true game changer. 
* also available in Graphite - limited quantities