S/S 2014 : Gorgeously Ghouly at Giambattista Valli

One of my favorite things is a monochromatic face.  And this takes the "nude" face to the next level.  The soft wash of color over the whole eye socket gives a ton of depth without looking like a lot of makeup.  The fair skin and contour give the face a finished look that is beautifully balanced, while the blanked out lips keep you locked in on the models eyes. 

If you were to add mascara and a rosy lip, you would have the most stunning, wearable look that would look great on anyone.

S/S 2014 : Gilded at Dior

I find this makeup completely enchanting.  I love gold and turquoise together in general, and it totally work on the eyes at the Dior show.  And, AND, AND I had no idea that I also loved gold eyebrows!  Big, strong, bold, gold brows!  Gold brows and flawless skin.  The beauty editors might have a hard time finding a way to translate this to real life, but for now just revel is the pure audacity and fantasy of it.  And how lovely and strangely subtle it is.  It's in your face, and not in your face simultaneously.  Cleopatra would have loved his look, for sure....

S/S 2014 : Feeling Feline at Marc Jacobs

It is so satisfying when beauty looks fall perfectly into place, as they do with this amazing choppy hair and colored cat eye at Marc Jacobs. The eye is simple enough, a bit of mascara, a groomed brow, clean skin, and the loveliest aqua cat eye ever.  Nothing tricky, nothing too intense....the hair does the heavy lifting and the makeup comes in as the perfect compliment to it.  The restraint is marvelous!