Fine Art Photographers Are My Rock Stars

Clockwise from left:
Jack Pierson
Collier Schorr
Martin Schoeller
Jock Sturges

One of the most wonderful things about my job is the element of collaboration. I have had the good fortune of working with some incredibly talented people, and some of them have been my fine art idols. I am so grateful for all of the editorial jobs allowing me the opportunity to get to work with people I so deeply admire.

Today I got to work with Marin Schoeller for the first time. I love his raw portraits of people. The simplicity reveals more about the subject than any elaborate set up ever could.....There is nowhere to hide in a Martin Schoeller portrait. I am so honored to have been a part of his crew for the day, he was as lovely as he is talented.

The pictures above are some of my favorite works by some of my favorite artists that I've been able to work with. *Note: I didn't work on these images. The work/images I did with them are on my website.