Get the Look: Paula Patton

Paula Patton is in a new movie coming out this month called "Precious". I am so excited to see this movie, even though I know I'm going to cry like a baby and will have to wear the biggest, darkest sunglasses I can find when I walk out of the theater. Hopefully you've heard of it, and hopefully you'll go see it.

This is the look I did for her LA premiere last night:

I mixed the Armani foundation with the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint and used that as her foundation. The Jouer product is a luminescent tinted moisturizer that gives the prettiest and softest glow to the skin without making the skin too shimmery. After setting the foundation with a loose powder, I popped a bright cool-toned pink on her cheeks, right on the apples and gently fading outward.

For her eyes, I used a navy liner under her eyes at the corners and blended a grey liner towards the inner corner of her eyes. This kept the lined feeling but kept it from feeling harsh or too heavy. I blended the lighter grey shadow over the navy, diffusing the liner a bit. On the upper lid, I dusted a warm pale gold-ish color all over to keep the look of the eye warm, even when I use a cold grey for definition. Then I lined along the lashes with a black pencil, pushing it right into the lashes before sweeping a deep metallic grey shadow over the lid, blending upwards towards the crease. Three coats of mascara on the top, and one on the bottom make the eyes pop and add heaps of glamour.

A light swipe of a shimmery (not frosty!!) lipgloss pull the whole thing together, making it a fresh and elegant look.

Armani Luminous Silk #8 & Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in "Bronzed"

Jouer "Peony"

Chanel Poudre Soliel 4 Lumierse

Shesiedo Luminizing Satin Eye Color in "Slate" & "Tar"
Jouer in "Caramel"

NARS grey liner in "London"
3 Custom Color in "Navy"
Prescriptives Softlining Pencil in "Jet"

Lancome Virtuose in "Black"

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipgloss in #864