Kahina Products

A few weeks ago I got a FedEx from my agency with a few products from Kahina in it.  I was unfamiliar with Kahina, but since receiving that package I have turned into a raving fan.  Not only are the argan oil based products absolutely beautiful, elegant and luxurious feeling, they also support an incredibly noble cause.  The nuts used in argan oil traditionally can only be picked by women.  Most of the women in the area of Morocco where the nuts are harvested are impoverished, and cooperatives like the one that Kahina uses provide and income for these women as well as an open door out of poverty.

I cannot begin to do justice to these women, so visit the Kahina Giving Beauty website and read about them yourselves.  It's inspiring.


I have been using the Argan Oil on myself every night, and my skin has been so supple and amazing since I started using it, especially good fro the neck and decolletage.  I've been using the Serum at work and people RAVE about it.  It's a must have item if you have dry skin, and even if you have oily skin it will not make you break out.  I have oily skin and it hasn't given me one spot... in fact just the opposite.  I don't often gush about products on my site, but this is one I can't stop talking about.  Be the first on your block to try it out.... and actually change someones life in the process.