Color Me Inspired

*Whew*.  It's been a while and I apologize.  There was the trip to Tokyo (I am working on getting those pictures and story together--it's an epic task) and then a trip to Vancouver for a music video, and then day after day of work.  So here I am on Memorial Day, taking a minute to update my blog, before I have to go to work this afternoon.  Beauty knows no holiday.

I've really been thinking about color a lot lately.  Maybe because you don't often get to seriously play with color on the red carpet or on celebrity.  But god I love a little color!  The blue on Anne V's lips above is so pretty with the lavender eye and bleached white brow.  And the gold and purple eye in the second picture literally makes my mouth water.  

Is anything sexier than a deep bronzy skin tone (artificially achieved of course!).  Daria's skin here looks soooo chic with that red lip and sparkly green eye.  It makes me want to do a full face on the next person that sits in my chair.  

Just as strong, but surprisingly simple, that lavender lips and big black brow look so beautiful on Sasha's paled out skin.  None of these looks are really wearable, but that's the fantasy of makeup.  Plus a little soap and water and it comes right off.  I'm going to dip into my colors the very next chance I get!