Can't Work Without You

One of the tools you will always find in my kit, and lots and lots of other makeup artists for that matter, is the Beauty Blender.  The first makeup artist I worked regularly as an assistant trained me to use a natural sea sponge to blend foundation.  She loved the way it seamlessly blended the foundation into the skin.  And I applied foundation that way for years.  (And then one day I just stopped, preferring to use a large flat squirrel hair brush to blend it out.)  Danilo, the amazing hairdresser, was the first person to tall me about the Beauty Blender.  He and Kathy Jeung were working on the studio next door to me and she was using it.  I tried one shortly there after and have been using it ever since.  

What's special about it is how perfectly it fits in your hand, how malleable it is, and how perfectly it blends the foundation.  Unlike using a latex sponge, it's reusable.  And unlike a sea sponge, the surface is  smooth and evenly rounded so blending is a snap.  If someone has skin that needs more coverage you can "bounce" or stipple the foundation on with it, making it a bit thicker where you need it, but still letting you have seamless edges.  

I mix my foundation in the palm of my hand, which warms it a bit and helps it melt into the skin, and then use a synthetic foundation brush to swipe the foundation where I need it; usually the cheeks, forehead, a touch on the chin and a dot on the nose (using more or less depending on the skin type/finish I want).  Then using a rolling motion I blend the foundation outward, towards the ears, away from the center of the face.  

Try it and you'll fall in love with it.  Promise.  Plus it's super cute in your kit.  Everyone who hasn't seen one before wants to know what the adorable pink tear drop shaped thing is.  And then when they see how beautiful their foundation looks they want one too!

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