I Can Never, Ever Have Enough Brushes.

I had bought some brushes from Hakuhodo at a trade show, but I heard they had a whole showroom in Tokyo, so I had to go.  Finding things in Tokyo isn't easy.  There are no street signs and the numbering system is like nothing I've ever seen before.  Add to that, the fact that this showroom was on the second floor and you have a comical vision of me and my husband walking up and down the same street for 30 minutes looking for a sign, any sign, of the Hakuhodo showroom.  BUT!  When I found it, it was like brush Mecca.  Rows and rows of the softest, yummiest brushes you've ever seen.

Holy Grail of brushes!  Just look at them all!  Isn't it delicious?

This was our hotel room "studio".  Those sheers make for pretty light.  And the traditional "Tenugui" I bought made a lovely backdrop.

Hand made goat hair brushes.  These I actually bought in a traditional Geisha/Kabuki makeup store.  I'll post more on that place later......