Japan Products: FINALLY!


I went to Tokyo last month to go to a trade show and essentially to go makeup shopping, which is a dream come true for any makeup artist.  The products they have in Japan are incredible not only in quality, but it ingenuity.  Add that to a total and complete language barrier and half the time you have no idea what you are looking at or what you are buying, which simply adds to the excitement and thrill of it all.  

I'm going to post a product a day (unless I am just too wiped out after work) for the next couple of weeks.  There was so much to buy there, and I did my best to scoop up as much as I could, but I still want to go back and do more research and shopping, I simply did not get enough stuff!  5 days was not enough time, I couldn't see everything no matter how hard I tried..  It was frankly too stimulating and overwhelming to be entirely thorough.  Sad but true..... but the upside is I'll quickly return to the coolest place on earth: TOKYO.

Because I was a little nervous about customs and possibly getting in trouble for bringing a ton of makeup back to the US, my husband and I set up a little "studio" in the window of our hotel room and we shot all of the products as I bought them.  This way I could document the packaging but bring it home out of it's packaging, and be a touch more incognito for my re-entry.  So remember, all of these pictures are taken in the hotel room, so forgive the surroundings and less than perfect photography -- although I have to say my husband did a great job with some of the still lives, which you sill see shortly.

We landed, went through customs and got to our hotel around 7pm.  After finding a place to eat in the neighborhood -- which was incredible by the way -- wonderfully delicious soba noodles -- I was antsy to hit a store.  We went to a drug store that I knew was open late, and I went into a fevered shopping frenzy.  One thing I saw, and could only guess at it's purpose, was this amazing marshmallow like puff.  It was moist and puffy in the package, squishy to the touch, and I just had to buy it to try to figure out what it was.

Turns out it is for exfoliating your face, and it does a wonderful job!  It is soft to the touch, but has just enough resistance to exfoliate your skin without damaging it.  Plus it is just so fun to touch, you can't help but have a good time washing your face, it is the most incredible texture!  I was checking out the shops on Sawtelle (a three block stretch that has lots of Japanese stores on it) in Los Angeles the other day and I saw these for sale in the beauty section of one of the shops.  It made me so happy to see them sold here, it brought me right back to my time in Tokyo.  (FYI, they are a bit like a sponge, they get hard and smaller when they dry out.  I'm not sure how they suggest to keep them moist, again, serious language barrier so I can't read the packaging, but you can just soak them and they return to their crazy marshmallowy state.)  If there's a Japantown in your city go on a little hunt to try to find them.  You'll be glad you did......