Little Genius.

Of course there's an eyeliner that is made to get between every single eyelash....Why have one point, when you can have three?  It's a felt tipped liner made by Kate Cosmetics that is designed solely to make your lashes look thicker and fuller by filling in all of the gaps.  Really, it's pretty genius and works like a charm.  Hopefully someone stateside knocks this off so I don't have to travel back to Tokyo to get another one when mine runs out. (Ok, I bought 3 so it'll be a while before I'm in dire straights.)

Don't you love this shot with Tokyo in soft focus in the background?

The wonderful thing about drug store cosmetics in Tokyo is that the majority are made by really big companies like Kanebo (like this brand Kate), Shisiedo, or Kose.  (Like how Loreal in owned by Lancome. ) This insures you get amazing quality for a fraction of this price.  And it makes buying random things by the basket-full a little less painful!