More Drug Store Goodies.

I think this is my favorite drug store lipstick.  Luvshuca is made by Kanebo, and you can tell by the amazing quality and texture.  You know, the interesting part of this whole shopping exercise is that you really don't know what you'll really like or what will become your favorite until you get home and play with it, use it on people, see how it lasts on skin.  You just buy items because you think they're pretty and you hope that you'll love it.  These lipsticks are total winners.  They are like a glossy lipstick--similar to one made by Cle de Peau--, and the palette is in the most flattering neutrals (they look pretty dark in this picture, but one is a pale beige and the other is a light pink)  If I went back to Tokyo tomorrow, I would run to the nearest drugstore and scoop up every color.