Sonia Rykiel Makeup. That's right, Makeup.

I'm not sure why, but designers have makeup lines in Tokyo that aren't available in the States or even Europe.  (Jill Stuart has one too---see tomorrow's post)  I don't know if the brand recognition is better in Asia or if it's just a better market for cosmetics, but regardless many designers have makeup lines in Tokyo that you wouldn't have any idea about here.  I loved the line from Sonia Rykiel.  The Summer Collection eyeshadows are amazing; really rich, incredibly reflective metallics.  I bought a rusty bronze and the deep purple in the still life above.  (The two colors I bought are the ones on my hand in the picture below.) 

The lip colors were lovely as well, but the day I found this line I was jet lagged and exhausted from walking for 12 hours straight, so I wasn't in a terrific state for checking our foundations and the like.  This is why I need to go back!  This trip really was an introductory journey to the wonderful (and sometimes wacky) world of Japanese cosmetics.  It was too much to take in during the short period we were there....but I will for sure spend more time looking at this line the next time I go back.