I was walking down Omotesando with my husband, feeling--as usual--totally overwhelmed and overstimulated by all the Tokyo had to offer, and got distracted by a cute side street.  *sigh* This town is full of amazing cute side streets.  Like, the whole city is made up of cute side streets.  And it makes you crazy to think about all of the cute side streets you carelessly waked past and missed.... So anyway, we went down this alley and I found Watosa, a lovely little makeup shop.  They didn't have a ton of stuff, but what they had was just perfect.  I am just crazy for this foundation--top picture--and it came with the most insanely adorable, and frankly slightly impractical, sponge.  The other product that I bought--and that is in the picture above--is a lovely contour color.  I went bananas for the very subtle, sheer contour colors in Japan.  They do it right, not too much color, and just the right shade for very believable sculpting.  Love. Love. Love.

(The closest formula to the Watosa foundation in the states is the Liquid Canvas foundation by Vincent Longo.  It has the same sheer dewy result that makes the coverage so believable.)