RMK: Makeup Makes Me Happy

"Makeup makes me happy" is RMK's tag line, and it is a perfect one at that.  This is Rumiko's line, a wonderfully talented makeup artist.... and the line is equally wonderful.  I know you can also get RMK in London, so if you're heading there, or of course Asia, check out the line in person.  You won't be disappointed, although I'm not sure if they sell all of the same products.  The thing about makeup shopping in Japan is that they have different laws about ingredients.  That's why certain colors are so amazing over there, they use pigments that the FDA doesn't allow.  I don't care what they are, they deliver, so just don't tell me.   La-la-la-la-la, I'm not listening!

I got 3 lipsticks, lipgloss, a lovely warm contour color and a compact foundation.  The foundation, although seriously limited in colors--the darkest you'll find is a tan shade--is an incredible texture.  I fell in love with it, and I never use cream foundation.  It gives a totally believable, flawless finish and you only need a tiny amount of powder to set it.  I wish there was a great range for darker skin tones because the formula is so good.  But I get it, Japan is pretty homogenized so there's no reason to make darker skin tones as there's no customer for it.  

The lipsticks are an incredible texture.  They have shine without being sparkly, they just have this luminous glow to them that is really flattering.  And the contour is amazing.  I mentioned how the contours there don't deposit a lot of pigment, so you can do really subtle shading.  I love this formula, totally crazy for it.  The gloss is a gorgeous tawny beige and it does have a bit of shimmer in it, which I usually avoid.  But it doesn't look shimmery at all when it's on, it just has this intense dimension.  Shu Uemura had ones like that too, but alas, Shu is no longer available in the US.  We'll miss you!

Now, this is a sample!  This adorable credit card sized compact is a cream foundation sample.  This could actually survive traveling around in your makeup bag.  The cardboard is lined with plastic so it's sturdy, and there's enough product in there to last you about a month.  Impressive.