Taking A Lashing.


This is a picture of my hotel room floor.  I have to admit I went a little crazy with the lashes in Tokyo. This is a cropped picture and shot after only the first two days there--so what I'm saying is there were many more lashes than this by the time we left....  I literally bought them by the basketful.  Sometimes several baskets full.  I just couldn't help myself, there were so many different kinds.  Running around the streets and subways of Tokyo, observing all of the girls and women, I noticed that EVERYONE was wearing strip lashes.  Seriously.  Almost every single woman.  There was very little clumpy mascara to be found, no building up a lash with product, they just went for the full strip.  Some of the lashes are so natural and light and feathery that they barely look like strips when they're on.  Putting on lashes takes a bit of practice and skill but I have to say it makes a huge difference, especially the subtle ones.  


And of course they have cute little cases for you to store your lashes in when you take them off at night.  Because seriously, they think of everything.

Dolly Wink.

So, Tsubasa Masuwaka is the face for Dolly Wink lashes and I think she is just about the cutest thing ever.  What I've gleaned is that she's a model in Tokyo and is sort of the poster girl for all things cute.  I mean, she IS the packaging for the Dolly Wink lashes.... the lashes are almost secondary to her hair and makeup and super sweet expressions.  I just wish that bow was a hair clip that came with the packaging instead of just part of the cardboard.  I'd have quite the collection if it was.


Why didn't I buy all of these lashes???  


Or these ones?  Time to book a flight back!