Icon Redux.

A few months back I did a shoot with Amanda De Cadenet for In Style with the cast of Pretty Little Liars.  It was a fun concept, we set out to modernize four icons; Bridgette Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Brooke Shields, and Sophia Loren.  The looks are instantly recognizable, but are tweaked so that they are more wearable in every day life.  Even though they feel slightly period, you wouldn't feel like you were playing "dress up" if you walked out of the house wearing these looks.

For Ashley Benson, who was portraying Bardot, I kept the look really peachy and fresh so it wouldn't get too over the top sex kitteny.  Lining the top lid, and having a beautiful feathery soft strip of lashes kept it sultry without getting vampy.  Bardot was all about sexy but with a healthy dose of vulnerability, so keeping a flirty sweet feeling was key.  I lightened her brows just a touch to soften the face....it really brings the focus to her pretty blue eyes.

When the bangs were on (they were a little "wiglet" made by hair genius Andy LeCompte) and the hair went up, Troian Bellesario instantly turned into Audrey Hepburn.  This is what I love about my job, you just tweak a few little things and people transform.  It's just......magic!  I made her a little paler because Audrey was always fair, and we dramatically thickened her brows, but the final part of the transformation fell into place when I added the contour and a light sweep of highlighter on her cheekbone.  Her bone structure just popped.  I can't take credit for that gorgeous long neck of hers though....that was all her.

It was a no brainer that Lucy Hale would be Brooke Shields.  She has amazing thick dark hair and gorgeous strong brows.  I matted out her mouth a little so the focus would all be on her amazing eyes and brows.  I used deep bronzes and golds to make a soft, edgeless round eye, and then used heaps of mascara to open them even more.  

Shay Mitchell shares the exotic bone structure of a young Sophia Loren.  She was all about the eyes, but for Shay I went a little softer with the look.  Using a mossy green color softened it while still recalling the feline feeling of an iconic "Sophia" eye.  Of course lots of mascara and a nude mouth tie it all together.