My Saddest Tokyo Moment.

There are only a few places to buy traditional Kabuki makeup in Tokyo, and one of those stores is in a north-east section of Tokyo called Asakusa.  Fortunately for me, there was an annual spring festival---Sanja Matsuri---happening while we were there, so there was actually a good reason for me to drag my husband to a section of Tokyo we might not have otherwise visited. (The festival was really breathtaking and completely worth the trip.  And we found the most delicious Soba restaurant.  Bonus!)  
The store was supposed to open at 11am, but at 11:30am it was still closed.  Maybe it was closed for the festival....if there was a note on the door I certainly couldn't read it so I'll never know.  It was clearly shuttered up and no amount of knocking brought anyone to open up shop....I never made it inside.  I was totally gutted.  My backpack was empty and ready to be stuffed to the gills with whatever goodies awaited me there, but it wasn't meant to be.  Just one more reason (er, excuse) to head back to Tokyo as soon as I can.

It looked really lovely in there.......

I love this picture.  These were people's shoes lined up along the bench at the Soba restaurant.  (Since I have no makeup to show I defaulted to footwear.)