Well it's almost 80 degrees here in LA today, and it's the end of October.  I guess our unseasonably chilly summer has blossomed into a lovely Indian Summer, but I am craving fall.  Like, full on fantasizing about rainy, chilly days that call for curling up on the couch and watching old Bette Davis movies.  (Fall is my most missed season since moving out west.  It's almost impossible to have one of those yummy lazy days when it's perpetually beautiful outside.)  And so I am obsessing over blankets.  Heavy wool blankets.  Deliciously soft cashmere blankets.  You name it.  These blankets from Coyuchi look so perfectly autumnal....I want to take them up to a cabin in Big Bear or Lake Tahoe and wrap myself in one after a long chilly walk outside.  I love how simple they are....I am especially crazy for the whipstitching.  Maybe if I collect enough blankets it'll work as a talisman and start pouring outside.  Or since this is LA maybe I can just hire a movie set guy with a rain making machine.