More Things I Like: Patrick Dougherty

Two Christmases ago my husband and I drove from San Francisco down through Big Sur.  We stopped at the Big Sur Bakery ( for a little lunch--delicious!--and next door to the restaurant was a crazy hippie garden that had these incredible giant "nests" that you could climb into....there's a ladder that you crawl up and there were pretty pillows strewn about in them.  They were just wonderful and we fell in love with them.  I am not 100% sure they were done by Patrick Dougherty, but if not then someone should pay him residuals because they looked just like his work.  (All of these images are Mr. Doughertys)

If you live in Los Angeles you might remember seeing an installation of twigs on the outside of the Max Azria store on Melrose.  That was done by Mr. Dougherty.  I just think his work is outstanding and I love the environments that he creates.  Kinda wish we had one in our garden... how amazing would that be?