Paris: Le Maquillage Professional.

It had been well over 10 years since the last time I was able to make it to MaqPro in Paris, and it's a place I had been dying to get back to.  Since I was there last, the location has changed (now it's only a little easier to find than before) but the products are pretty much as I remember them, which is to say awesome.  I enthusiastically hopped on the train and found my way to the La Motte-Picquet Grenelle stop.

I love the the hunt for makeup....even when it's 30 degrees out.  One of the things I love so much about searching out makeup shops that are off the beaten path is getting to see neighborhoods you otherwise would never, ever get to.  It can really take you to the outer reaches of an out of the way neighborhood.  (I used to love going to the Makeup Forever shop in Paris before you could buy their makeup anywhere else.  Places like this feel so secret and special.)

This is a WALL of cream colors.  Every cubby is a slight variation of the color in the cubby next to it.  I mean, it's breathtaking!  Literally made my heart beat faster.  I had been using a color from them that was almost gone, I was using it so sparingly, and I was finally able to restock it.  I fully stocked up on that color and then some....Although in all honesty, I thought I showed tremendous restraint.  I could have gone completely bonkers in there.

The amazing thing is that they still had the many of the same colors from 10 years ago!  Most makeup lines will have completely overhauled their line within that time frame and all of your favorite colors will be long gone.  I was so thrilled that they still had the colors that had become an integral part of my kit.

It's not like walking into a retail makeup shop, it definitely has the feeling of a pro store, and the main attraction is the array of cream colors.  There are shadows and liners and a few lipsticks and glosses, as well as special effect makeup, but the creams are really so fantastic.  The range of colors is just mind boggling.  

A woman named Maude helped me while I was there and her English was perfect and she was very helpful and super patient with me while I looked through everything they had.  Apparently they are in the middle of redoing their website too, so ordering on line will hopefully be easy.  Not sure when I'll make it back into their shop but I hope it isn't another 10 years!

Lovely, lovely palettes.

I love that the shelf is literally sagging under the weight of a rainbow of colors.

A beautiful bag of pretty powders.