Rainbow Bright.

I love, love, love finding new makeup brands.  Especially ones that have an exciting product that feels new and interesting.

One of the fun things about LA is that there are theatrical makeup shops here around town and they have weird, under the radar makeup lines that you can't find anywhere else ( stores like Naimie's, Frends, Cinema Secrets, Image Exclusives to name a few.  New York City has Alcone and I guess the Ricky's chain would kind of fall into this category too).  My dentist is across the street from the Cinema Secrets store in the Valley, and since I rarely have business over there, other than doing the Leno Show, I try to pop into Cinema Secrets whenever I get my teeth cleaned!  

When I walked in I saw a display of the Lip Tar from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (a brand I'd never heard of) and started playing with the rainbow of colors.  They are kind of like the Lip Mix colors from MAC, but they have a glossy finish that can be worked down into a matte stain.  And they are super, super pigmented.  So if MAC's Lip Mix had a baby with Makeup Forever's HD Liquid Blush, that's what this product is like!  They have theatrical colors like black, white, green, yellow, purple and all lots of pretty wearable colors in between including really pretty pale beiges and pale dusty pinks that I've been using as blush (so soft and subtle).  I also bought one of the reds called "Stalker" just because it was so amazing and intense.  I will probably never use this color, but it's one of those things that you just look at and you have a deep seated need to have it in your kit.  Not that I can't achieve the same effect with any of the myriad red lipsticks I already have, but this is the definition of a beauty junkie, right?  Buying what you don't need because, well, you just LOVE it and have to have it!