Green Thumb.

It's no secret that I love makeup products.  I am completely obsessed with them, and that's not a word I just throw around lightly.  Skin care is a little different.  It's more like a relationship.  You have to get to know each other, spend a little time with one another, especially when you're at your worst (dull skin, break outs, puffy eyes), to see how you'll come out the other side together.  I am a big believe in better living through chemistry when it comes to skin care.  Retinols, Salicylic acid, you name it.  I live and die by SkinCeuticals and the Red Carpet Facial Kit from Kinara.  But it was time for a change.....

I have been trying to steer clear of excessive chemicals in skin care lately, and that posed a terrific problem.  How do I find a "natural" product that still has the efficacy of something a little more "scientific"?  Most of the products you find at Whole Foods don't address the fix it issues we're all looking to embrace....clear up dull skin, address fine lines....tighten, brighten, make me look my best, if not a smidgen more youthful.... But through trial and error I have found a cadre of products that I think are "green" miracle workers.  I am thrilled with their results as well as their ingredients.

So on that note I am going to share my findings with you, dear reader.  Now, these work specifically for me.  But I don't have problem skin.  I have the occasional little break out (still!) but the main solutions I am looking for are clear, clean skin, an occasional brightening, keeping fine lines at bay, and the perfect amount of moisture for my skin.  Pretty simple.  Here are my new favorite "little helpers" who have now taken up permanent real estate in my medicine cabinet.....

I found this at Space NK and am thrilled with this line.  I've been using two products from them, the Rebuilding Moisturizer and the Resurfacing Mask.  The moisturizer is great because it isn't too thick or greasy, but leaves my skin feeling light and fresh.  The scent is distinctively "health food store" but it doesn't bother me.  (There are some natural products that smell so natural that they actually make me gag--I'm not a fan of overwhelming fragrances in skin care).

The Resurfacing Mask has replaced my other at home peel kit.  It takes a little time, they suggest having it sit for 20 minutes, but when you wash your face, you have lovely clear, bright skin, without the burning and redness you get from a peel.  Same results, but you can actually walk out of the house afterwards without looking like a burn victim.  I am 100% sold on this product.

The Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask from Ren is a fantastic product.  Primarily composed of lactic acid and fruit acids, it does all of the heavy lifting that chemical based peels do, without all of the chemicals.  The mask doesn't get tight the way the one from Tata Harper does, so it feels a little different. This one has a little more of a tingle, but nothing like a regular peel.  And you only need to leave this one on for 10 minutes.  I like to switch back and forth between peels week to week.  Why not mix it up?

Oh Kahina, I love you and your beautiful oils so much.  I love your (refillable) packaging, I love your message (you can search this blog for an earlier post on this line), and I adore your products.  I am dedicated to the Serum, which has all of the healing properties of Argan oil, but with the added benefits of sea buckthorn oil and carrot seed oil.  Face oil is scary for people, and I totally get that.  It seems illogical and that it would make you break out.  But I have oily skin and I use it and it never, ever makes me break out.  I use it at night before bed....I put it in my palms, press my hands together and then press it into my face, neck and chest.  My skin looks radiant and plump and even.  I love, love, love this product.  Can't say enough good things about it.

The Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is as close to a perfect product as you can get.  It gently removes makeup and daily residue without stripping your skin, and it comes with these fantastic muslin clothes that have just enough "tooth" to the fabric to do light exfoliation.  It has a very faint Noxema scent to it, which I love.  But it's very light, not at all overwhelming.  I haven't used any other Liz Earle products, but they are on my "try" list for sure.

I have been using the Dr. Haushka Eye Contour Day Balm for a decade.  It's incredibly emollient, and it makes sense to me that you want something incredibly rich and nourishing around your eyes.  They say it's a "day balm" but it's too greasy to wear under makeup so I use it at night.  I just recently started using the Clarifying Toner.  I love a toner.  It really is the final step in the cleansing process.  This one isn't drying and leaves my skin feeling clean and, well....toned.  What more can you ask for?