I Heart Tom Ford.

I am so beyond excited for the new Tom Ford makeup collection to come out....I even dreamed about it the other night.  No, seriously.  The line of lipsticks he came out with last year were so spectacular, I can only imagine how delicious the rest of collection will be.  It's already out in England (lucky ducks) so I've been stalking the website for Selfridges, ogling the shadows and lips new lip colors, imagining the textures and what the colors will look like in person.  Here are the highlights from my wish list.

I am certain that this foundation is nothing short of perfection.  And I'm so glad that Mr. Ford included good colors for darker skin tones.  I cannot stand when a makeup line neglects foundations for women of color, it makes me crazy.

I mean, just look at these shadow palettes, they are gorgeous!  I might just throw away all of my other shadows.

Nothing groundbreaking about these brushes, but these are my favorite shapes for eyeshadow brushes (they look like #217 from MAC and the brush from Sonia Kashuk's line).  But they're just plain glamorous, so I want/need them!
Contour and highlighter.  Enough said.  Want it.

I have a weak spot for blush.  If you have these two colors you don't need any others.  They are so flattering on everyone.  Hopefully Christmas comes early and I get sent box of goodies from their PR company before I lose control and order the whole line from the Selfridges website.  I have been chomping at the bit about this line for months and now it's almost here and I am so excited I can almost smell the makeup, taste the lipstick and hear the perfect *click* of the compact closing.  Le sigh.....