And The Winners of the Victoria's Secret Beauty Giveaway Are......!

Thanks to everyone that sent in an entry for the VS Beauty Giveaway!  It was really exciting and fun to read everyones ideas of how to incorporate Effie Trinket's fantasy makeup into their real world life.  There were lots of really creative ideas, daring young ladies, and clearly lots of budding makeup artists out there!  I love that so many people were keen on pink shadow and bold lips..... I love to see people embrace color in their makeup!

It was very difficult to choose.  So many people had great answers, and if I could I would have given makeup to everyone!  But sadly, that's not how it works.  So on that note.....

Here are the winners who were chosen for their clear passion for makeup and their love for Effie.... 

Menaka wrote:
Welcome, welcome! The time has come to select one courageous woman for the honor of representing Effie Trinket's over the top make in an everyday sort of fashion! I, Menaka volunteer as tribute to express my love for the Hunger Games and Effie's capitol look! I would in the arena of day to day wear, I would use my combat training in makeup to manipulate the beautiful tones of plums and pinks to create a downplayed duplicate of Effie's Makeup- keeping it to my lower lid. I love her lips- they really stand out! I would just scream out Manners!! With that pout lol! Not that I don't enjoy the snow white look- but I would make sure to have a healthy glow of colour and blush. I just love that! May the odds be ever in your favour! When choosing the hunger games champion- Victor Victoria Secret's Village here I come!

Stephanie wrote:
Effie Trinket's makeup would fit in well with this summer, highlighting the bright neon colours. To balance out Effie's drastic makeup I would pair the look with bright clothing to enhance to colours of summer.
One look Effie portrays is a pale neon pink and purple eye with a soft pink blush and blue lip, L'oreal offers a blue lipgloss within their summer GlamShine candy collection, the sheer colour of the lipgloss will help to put a modern spin on Effie's blue lip. Also in this look she seems to have a yellow liner, a paler yellow/white colour will help to open up the eye and copliment the look. The paleness of the pink and purple in a particular look of Effie's is not too elaborate therefore it being more flexible for daywear. To reflect the colours from the face I would opt for high-waisted hot pink shorts and a simple white vest.
Another look of Effie's shows her bold eyeshadow dominating her makeup; a yellow highlight, green lip and blue liner and mascara. To make this look more wearable for the day I would probably swap the blue mascara for black/brown but keep the liner. Adding soft bronzer to contour and Effie has a hot pink lip. Perhaps to make the look more wearable during the day I would tone down the eyeshadows and liners to pastels colours of this season, making the look much more softer and wearable - keeping the hot pink lip. If staying with true Effie style and keeping the eyeshadows I would drop the hot pink lip. This look would go perfectly with tropical or tribal print clothing which is always around during the summer months. Another clothing option may be a solid colour matching one of the eyeshadows, finidng a balance between the colours.
I am not a professional makeup artist or claim to be, these are just a few of my ideas that I would use to play around with Effie's look.

Jennifer wrote:
How could I not participate when this blog post includes two of my favorites: Victoria's Secret and a giveaway!? While I wouldn't go as far as Effie Trinket did (unless the occasion called for it), her use of fair colors mixed with bright accents can be tamed for normal day wear. For starters, I love the luminosity of her foundation, which can be achieved with minimal blush and translucent face shimmer. It gives a fresh look :) Her bold, colorful eyeshadow can be minimized so that it's not as eye-popping. Summertime is the best time for incorporating color in your makeup routine. Pairing bright eyeshadow with bold lips would make for the perfect complement to any summertime outfit!