Tutorial: Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

I did my own makeup for my wedding.  Now I know you guys are all saying, yeah but you're a makeup artist.  That may be, but my job is making other people beautiful, and I rarely spend more than five minutes doing my own makeup in the morning. And a touch up more elaborate than a swipe of lip balm is an impossibility.  When you're tending to someone else's face all day, fixing your own makeup just never happens.

So that said, I had to really experiment with products to find the ones that worked the best, looked the best, and really lasted.

Here are a few pearls of wisdom when it comes to doing your own makeup for a wedding.

Base camp:
Find the foundation that is best for your skin type.  Avoid foundation that is luminizing.  This may seem counterintuitive, that you want to be a "glowing bride", but it's easier to add shimmer and glow where you want it than to deal with a overly dewy face three hours after the ceremony starts.  Unless you have the perfect skin type for a luminizing foundation (ie: small pores and not oily) use a semi matte formula and apply it sparingly.  To add that special glow, use a product with VERY finely milled, warm toned shimmer along the tops of the cheekbones and a tiny bit along the bridge of the nose.  Nothing too glittery and nothing with silver based shimmer (it looks cold on the skin).  THis will make you look beautiful and glowing without looking greasy.

Pictures don't lie:
Play with a few different foundations and colors.  Get out your camera out and photograph your face in various lighting situations. Natural light, incandescent light, flash.  Especially flash.  A lot of your favorite photos from your wedding will have been taken by friends and family.  And they are not professional photographers with flattering diffusers on their flashes.  By testing out the lighting on your own first you can see if your face matches your neck. If it's too light or too dark you need to try a different foundation and/or powder.  Look at your other features...is your blush strong enough? Too overpowering? Is your eye makeup too dark? Is your lipstick too much? Show your fiancé...what is their reaction? A second set of eyes can be a big help.  If your partner isn't helpful that way, show your sister or best friend.

Naturally gorgeous:
On your wedding day, you should look like the best version of you.  It's not a day to try out a bold new look.  Play with flattering neutrals that make you look radiant.  Soft browns and bone colors look beautiful on the eyes. Peaches and soft pinks on the cheeks are incredibly flattering. Lips that look like your natural lip color, but just enhanced, make you look youthful and fresh.  Another thing to keep in mind is that a bold color, like a red or bright pink, require maintenance throughout the day and night.  That's taking time away from you having fun with your guests and family, and touching up your lips should be the last thing you're thinking about.

I can't suggest how to do your eye makeup since everyone is an individual, but I can give you a guideline.  Keep the liner soft and mostly on the upper lashes.  This will make your eyes look open and bigger.  Don't use strip lashes, opt for individuals if you're going to use lashes. They look more natural and require zero maintenance. 

The tracks of my tears:
Waterproof mascara.  Buy it.  Actually, I discovered a product recently that is truly amazing.  It's a clear, waterproof top coat that makes any mascara waterproof.  I have found that waterproof mascaras are thinner than regular mascaras and it's harder to get that beautiful volume and length.  This lets you use your favorite mascara.  Amazing.  If you can't find that, opt for one of the new long wearing formulas.  They really last.

Clutch it:
Find a really cute vintage clutch to carry.  In it have: blotting papers or powder and your lip color and that's it.  Ok, maybe a q-tip in case you get teary eye during a speech, but nothing else.  It gives you something to hold instead of carrying around a champagne glass (that's just getting warm since you have no time to drink it in between hugs) and gives you an out in case an aunt or uncle who's had too much to drink corners you...."Excuse me, I have to go powder my nose for photos"....exit stage right)

Shine brightly:
Nothing makes you look better than happiness, so relax, enjoy your special day and look at your loved one with stars in your eyes.  You will have never looked so beautiful!

A few star products that I recommend:

Anastasia Lash Genius Waterproof Top Coat
CoverGirl LashBlast 24 Mascara
MAC Blot Powder 
Tatcha Japanese blot papers
Estee Lauder Lucidity Pressed Powder Compact 
             *it comes in a very chic, very small gold compact*
Ardell Individual Lashes