Art Break: Tara Donovan

I thought a few of you might like a break from the overwhelmingly pervasive coverage of NYFW.  (This year it seems to have taken over the blogosphere like Kudzu)  Nothing clears my head like art, and Tara Donovan is a remarkable artist who takes my breath away with her unique vision.

Tara Donovan takes mundane materials and transforms them into the most stunning forms.  Styrofoam cups turn into a futuristic hive; machine tape into melting mounds; disposable paper plates into forms that look lighter than air; scotch tape into eerily beautiful florets.  It takes a wonderful mind to defy the norm and to see such beauty in the routine.

I hope you have the chance to see some of her work in person, it is truly astonishing.

Tara Donovan is represented by the ACE Gallery in New York City.