Get the Look: Jennifer Garner at the Dallas Buyers Club Premiere in Los Angeles

hair: Jenny Cho  /  stylist: Rachel Zoe

Sometimes I have to pinch myself.  I work with some of the most beautiful women in the world, women who are truly beautiful, inside and out.  I know Hollywood can produce some "difficult" people, but I (thank god) have never crossed their paths.  The women I work with are kind, funny, generous in spirit and heart, remarkably grounded and a true joy to be around.  There is no greater example of this than Jennifer Garner....she is so warm and funny and drop dead gorgeous.  I love to be around her and I love having the honor of doing her makeup.

For the Dallas Buyers Club premiere in Los Angeles,  Jennifer wore a deep navy Vionnet dress and wanted to keep the makeup a little "sporty".  The hair stylist, Jenny Cho, gave her full, soft hair with effortless waves so I went fairly light handed with the makeup.  Just a soft brown eye and a pretty cool pink lip, with a nice pink flush to the cheek.  Sometimes there's room on the red carpet for a full on look, and other times it's just about letting the person's natural beauty shine through.  I am partial to letting the woman make the statement, not the makeup.  When you work with such beautiful women, why overdo it?  

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