S/S 2014 : A Nod to Bowie at Marc By Marc

Is David Bowie the most influential icon of all time?  I'm going to say yes.  His looks from the late 60's through the early 80's continue to inspire decades later.  The Life on Mars? video seems like a reference that is on constant rotation (see Gaultier's show from last season).

The take at Marc by Marc is a stripped down version...just the blue shadow to conjure the feeling of the glam rock superstar.  This version is clean and modern and fresh and almost makes me want to leave the house rocking that look.  Or at the very least listen to Hunky Dory over and over and over again.

S/S/2014 : Barely there at Jil Sander and Lanvin

It's no secret how much I love a nude face.  It is so elegant and simple, and when done right, it can look oh-so-chic.  I love it with the messy tousled hair at Lanvin (below).  The contour is what sells it, and the finished brow.  A "nothing" face.... It's just so gorgeous.

S/S/2014 : Delicate and Demure at Dolce

Oh how exquisite!  This is the fantasy version of an Italian peasant girl, all flushed and rosy like some cherub from a painting in the Vatican.  The skin.  The SKIN!  I love how it's a velvety matte with a dewy highlight down the nose.  The high flush of pink that creeps towards the temples, the pink stained lips, a full youthful brow.  Usually I find white or beige liner on the waterline too jarring, but it's just right.  It opens up the eye very subtly as does the bit of light on the inner corners.  It's just so beautiful....

Really, who doesn't want to look like this?

S/S 2014 : Wigging Out at Fendi

This makeup is über simple, just a little black line at the lashes, flawless matte skin and a hint of lip color, but the wigs, the wigs make it all come together.  The bangs give the model a sense of mystery and anonymity as they walk down the runway.  I love the effect.... it puts the focus on the clothes and strips the identity of the wearer away.  The wigs do more in this case than makeup could ever do, and that's pretty awesome.

S/S 2014 : Rusty Bronzed Eyes at Gucci

I sense a real theme through the shows....A bit of shading on the cheeks, a nothing-nude lip and all of the focus on the eyes.  It's either a theme or the look that I am particularly drawn to!  Gucci was no exception, as a soft wash of warm tones encircled the eyes.  I love a rusty bronze on the lids.  It can make light eyes pop and darker eyes reflect with a deep richness.  It works particularly well with a nice full brow.  Such a pretty look....

S/S 2014 : Punk Rock Chic at Chanel

I'm afraid Peter Philips stoles the show at Chanel with his vivid Boy George on a bender/peacock/punk rock/painterly eyes.  I love how perfectly the look works on every girl, and the wigs help with the unification of the girls looks (lots of wigs this season, eh?)

I am also cuckoo for the jewelry.  Giant pearl necklaces that look like rings? Yes please!  I hope some of these show up on set for a shoot in the next few months.

And lastly, my Instagram obsession @donalddrawbertson recreated the Chanel makeup with gaffers tape.  Genius.  And gorgeous!  (If you are unfamiliar with his prolific feed, you have to follow him.  I obsessively check his posts because he uploads at least 3 amazing drawings that I wish I could own a day.)

S/S 2014 : Gilded at Dior

I find this makeup completely enchanting.  I love gold and turquoise together in general, and it totally work on the eyes at the Dior show.  And, AND, AND I had no idea that I also loved gold eyebrows!  Big, strong, bold, gold brows!  Gold brows and flawless skin.  The beauty editors might have a hard time finding a way to translate this to real life, but for now just revel is the pure audacity and fantasy of it.  And how lovely and strangely subtle it is.  It's in your face, and not in your face simultaneously.  Cleopatra would have loved his look, for sure....

Dior Couture F/W 2011

The most exciting show every season, makeup wise, is Dior.  Hands down.  Pat McGrath is such a genius and always makes the girls fit the character of the clothes, taking the looks to a whole new dimension.

This was my favorite look from the show.  She did many amazing looks, from shiny color blocked appliques to translucent fish scale sequins on the eyes, but this one captured the fantasy and drama of Dior for me.

Check out www.style.com for all of the looks from the show.  You won't be disappointed!