S/S 2014 : Wigging Out at Fendi

This makeup is über simple, just a little black line at the lashes, flawless matte skin and a hint of lip color, but the wigs, the wigs make it all come together.  The bangs give the model a sense of mystery and anonymity as they walk down the runway.  I love the effect.... it puts the focus on the clothes and strips the identity of the wearer away.  The wigs do more in this case than makeup could ever do, and that's pretty awesome.

S/S 2014 : Getting Catty at Missoni and Stella McCartney

 Here are two different takes on the cat eye.  I love the sheer brown at Stella (top) and the unconnected bottom line at Missoni (bottom).  Both are a great, fresh take on the traditional cat shape.... I especially love the one at Missoni with it's slightly punk rock feeling.  The nude face gives it that street DIY feeling that I love so much.

S/S 2014 : Punk Rock Chic at Chanel

I'm afraid Peter Philips stoles the show at Chanel with his vivid Boy George on a bender/peacock/punk rock/painterly eyes.  I love how perfectly the look works on every girl, and the wigs help with the unification of the girls looks (lots of wigs this season, eh?)

I am also cuckoo for the jewelry.  Giant pearl necklaces that look like rings? Yes please!  I hope some of these show up on set for a shoot in the next few months.

And lastly, my Instagram obsession @donalddrawbertson recreated the Chanel makeup with gaffers tape.  Genius.  And gorgeous!  (If you are unfamiliar with his prolific feed, you have to follow him.  I obsessively check his posts because he uploads at least 3 amazing drawings that I wish I could own a day.)

S/S 2014 : Gorgeously Ghouly at Giambattista Valli

One of my favorite things is a monochromatic face.  And this takes the "nude" face to the next level.  The soft wash of color over the whole eye socket gives a ton of depth without looking like a lot of makeup.  The fair skin and contour give the face a finished look that is beautifully balanced, while the blanked out lips keep you locked in on the models eyes. 

If you were to add mascara and a rosy lip, you would have the most stunning, wearable look that would look great on anyone.

S/S 2014 : Gilded at Dior

I find this makeup completely enchanting.  I love gold and turquoise together in general, and it totally work on the eyes at the Dior show.  And, AND, AND I had no idea that I also loved gold eyebrows!  Big, strong, bold, gold brows!  Gold brows and flawless skin.  The beauty editors might have a hard time finding a way to translate this to real life, but for now just revel is the pure audacity and fantasy of it.  And how lovely and strangely subtle it is.  It's in your face, and not in your face simultaneously.  Cleopatra would have loved his look, for sure....

S/S 2014 : Feeling Feline at Marc Jacobs

It is so satisfying when beauty looks fall perfectly into place, as they do with this amazing choppy hair and colored cat eye at Marc Jacobs. The eye is simple enough, a bit of mascara, a groomed brow, clean skin, and the loveliest aqua cat eye ever.  Nothing tricky, nothing too intense....the hair does the heavy lifting and the makeup comes in as the perfect compliment to it.  The restraint is marvelous!

Chanel Spring 2013 Couture

How breathtaking is the makeup for the Chanel couture show?  Peter Philips knocked it out of the park.  It's ethereal and romantic without overkill.  The nothing lip and softly flushed cheek are a perfect pairing for the incredible eye.

I love the layers.  I love the lace.  The netting, the soft sheen on the black on the lid....I love it all.  Simply gorgeous.

Delicious Dior.

Galliano is known for his elaborate and fantastical runway shows.  Roxanne Lowit, who has been covering the backstage mayhem of fashion shows for the past 30 years, is known as the go to woman to capture the fleeting moments before and during the shows.  Now Roxanne has come out with a book that is a MUST for any fashion or makeup fanatic.  The big glossy book is an awesome beauty tome and wonderful documentation of the most incredible makeup of the past decade.  (never has there been a better partnership than John Galliano and Pat McGrath)

Roxanne was always backstage when I used to work on the shows..... (Somewhere in her archive is a picture of me and Kate Moss when we both had baby pink hair -- she had hers dyed for the Versace show that season -- ah how I'd love to get my hands on that negative!)  Roxanne has more energy and enthusiasm for her job than almost anyone else I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Check out her other books (this is her 3rd)....they are an intimate documentation of New York nightlife from the 70's on.

I got myself this book as an early Christmas gift.... but this book is perfect for your Christmas list!