Very Pretty at Versace.

Oh how I love a beautiful, simply made up face.  I do love the less is more approach, it's just as hard to get right as a full on full makeup look.  The dewy skin, perfectly groomed brow, the barely there pink cheek and the glossy peachy/taupe eye.....pure perfection.  I wish this kind of look translated to the red carpet, Hollywood would be a more beautiful place.

Gorgeous at Gucci. S/S 2012

So far this S/S show season, the makeup has been really soft and pretty, no real strong makeup looks. Until now.  Gucci brings the sexy with bleached brows, softly contoured cheeks and a smoldering black eye that is somehow equal parts sex kitten and rock and roll.  I love the shape of the eye and how it just pulls you in since it's the only strong feature.  And I never, ever, ever get tired of a bleached brow.  Ever.

Glittery Lips at Givenchy.

I am loving this sparkly red lip. Is red eye shadow wearable? No, but it works here as a light wash and with the rest of the face dewy and bare it looks pretty and interesting. Of course the bleached brow makes it all work... Oh how I love love love a bleached brow.

Pretty. Simple.

Sometimes it's not all about a big bam, bang and a boom and a whole bunch of drama. Sometimes quietly pretty says a whole lot more. Like the makeup at Louis Vuitton, which I think is simply stunning. I love the soft warm contour, the subtle sheen on the cheekbone, the nicely shaped brow, and the lovely shape and shading of the eyes. It is just so fresh and, well, so pretty.....(A credit to the makeup team because these poor girls are so exhausted by the time they get to Paris and their skin has been so beat up by weeks of shows they usually look just spent, but they look fresh as a spring morning here.) It's not "nothing, no makeup" makeup, just what you wish you looked like all of the time.

Beautiful Androgyny

How gorgeous does Eleonora Bose look at the Davidelfin show? And how much does she look like Bowie's Thin White Duke?? Those cheekbones! That hair! I literally gasped when I saw the picture on The Thin White Duke was possibly my favorite Bowie phase, so elegant and handsome and she is full on channeling him. See for yourself.....

Cool Elegance at Rodarte

I love the cold palette used at Rodarte for F/W 2010. Pale skin and deep contours look polished and finished without looking overly made up. It's hard to use those cold colors, especially for contour without it looking ghoulish, but I think it looks sublime. It's by far my favorite look from the shows so far.

Marc Jacobs is killing me with cuteness.

Marc By Marc is adorable as usual. I love the simple face with just the pop of color on the lip. Who doesn't want to look this fresh and cute?

Lipstick Queen has a color like the lip in this picture. It's called "Rose Sinner" and it's a heavily pigmented rose color. One of my favorite products at the moment. If it's a little intense for you Lipstick Queen does the same color in a more sheer version called "Rose Saint". They do that for all of their colors, a naughty & nice version of each, which I think is brilliant.